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A more social Filter/Gauge


As the title implies, Filter/Gauge will be on a little break; expect a new post February 24th. I will be on vacation with my family for a week and will be doing no writing at all, after vacation I will get back into the swing of things though. Be aware that there is a chance that I might be making some life changes soon and the F/G might be in a state of flux for a bit while I get everything figured out. Don’t worry though, the blog will continue! I will give more details as time goes on. In the mean time, this would be a good chance to check out Filter/Gauge through on it’s various social networks. They are the best way to engage with the blog (if you feel so inclined) and a good chance to get exclusive content that is not on the blog itself. Additionally, those outlets will still be updated throughout vacations and such.

Filter/Gauge is—as far as I am aware—unique among art and design blogs because of it’s focus on contextual based curation of art and artists. A few months after starting, F/G sort of found a footing through presenting artists to you through a particular perspective—or filter—as part of one of the core ideas behind the founding of this blog. F/G’s core ideas are focused on the creation of art, inspiration, and community though Curation, Context, and Collaboration. I think F/G is strong in the curation department and so now let’s begin to build some community! Those social networks are a great way to interact with F/G, and a great way to show your support! The blog grows in numbers everyday and already I am beginning to see some of the artists I have featured begin to follow! So without further adieu, a little about each network:



Tumblr is the most active of F/G’s networks to date. Not only will you see more art than what I post here, but I often take artists from what I have posted on Tumblr to supply art for the blog. Tumblr is a great way to on the fly share images that inspire me and that I hope will inspire you as well. I also try out new ideas on Tumblr like Previews for each new week’s post that have been rolled out to all of the other networks, and is the exclusive home right now to find out all of the artists I consider for each post that I don’t make the final post. If you are on Tumblr make sure that you follow Filter/Gauge!



Twitter is another oft-used network for F/G; it has the largest percentage of followers of any of F/G’s sites and also will occasionally have exclusive content. It is a great way for me to share links with you to great articles and portfolios as well as a way for me to retweet some of my favorite artist’s news. Also I follow every artist (that has a Twitter account) that I showcase so it is a great way to hear more about them. Follow Filter/Gauge on Twitter!



I am pretty sure that everyone has a Facebook; well so does Filter/Gauge. I use Facebook much like Twitter, so there is not much else to say. It and Twitter are probably the easiest to comment on posts (which I would love by the way) and because so many people have Facebook when you Share it lots of others can see it, so make sure that you Like Filter/Gauge on Facebook.


google plus

Google+ is a competing social network with Facebook. I think it looks much nicer, and would love to have more friends to add to Filter/Gauge’s circles, so be sure to check it out! Filter/Gauge on Google+



Lastly, I am very excited to announce that Filter/Gauge is now on Pinterest. Why am I excited? Well, I am constantly looking back at posts and thinking about expanding them to include artists I have learned about in the mean time. The thing is, I don’t want to just have topics that have parts 1-3 or whatever; I want to continue exploring new contexts with which to view new artists, or that we can look at artists I have shown before in a new way. Pinterest will allow me to create pin boards based off of filters that I have chosen in the past like Urban Photography, so I and you, can continue to see more great city and architectural shots all in the same place. Pinterest will allow each filter to grow and continue a dialogue that has already started with each post here at Filter/Gauge. Eventually there will be exclusive galleries for filters that I have not put on the F/G website, but more on that when it is fully planned. Follow Filter/Gauge on Pinterest!

So take this time off to follow F/G in other ways, and by all means feel free to participate!


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