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Looking back: Mike Bayne


LookingBack Mike1

Looking back is a new feature for Filter/Gauge that kicks off this week. As I celebrate the anniversary of the blog, I want to celebrate the artists that have inspired me most to create the site in the first place. First up this week is oil painter, Mike Bayne.

Mike Bayne is an amazing painter, capturing scenes of everyday life in small-town Canada. Bayne might be the most mentioned artist on the blog, as I am always finding a way to make a connection between him and some other painter, or photographer, or whoever. One of my favorite artists of all-time, Bayne’s paintings are like snapshots of everyday life in middle America and Canada, quiet and far from the hustle and bustle of cities; testaments to both the extraordinary and the common. They look so much like regular photographs of houses and stuff you might see on Facebook that you could say he paints in the vernacular; his images look like those that we use everyday, and that adds even more realism to his photo-realist work. I think the sheer mundanity of his paintings is their strength; so much so that I feel more of a sense of “being there” with Bayne’s work than most other artists. See his work featured here and here on this site.

Here is a mix of some new(ish) work and some of my favorites that I have shown before:


Building #2




Kung Fu



Downtown Owl

Downtown Owl

87 Bay Street Autumn 2


87 Bay Street Autumn

Check out his portfolio here.


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