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Looking forward: Zaria Forman


Looking Forward is a new feature here on Filter/Gauge. As the blog turns one, I want to look forward to some of the artists that you will see this year, as a little preview of what you are in for. The first artist that we are looking forward to is oil painter and pastel drawer, Zaria Forman.

Forman’s art is inspired by her travels and by a desire to bring awareness to the issue of global warming and protecting the environment. Forman’s paintings are not created with a paintbrush; she prefers to use her hands to manipulate the oils and pastels and uses her memory and the occasional photo to create images of immense beauty. I have paired her up today with Mike Bayne because they produce paintings of comparable photorealistic styles, but it is easy to see that where Bayne paints mundane scenes on small canvases, Forman uses large canvases to create awe inspiring views of out planet that move us to act to save it.

Take a look at some of her work below and stay tuned for more on Zaria Forman in the next few weeks.

382ccb_4217270badbd8d0880cb64fb0cb7e95cMaldives #3 30x60sMaldieves_1_croppedzaria-2stunning_hyper_realistic_artworks_by_zaria_forman_1


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