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One Year of Filter/Gauge


Filter/Gauge is one! Thank you everyone that has stopped by to check out the blog−especially through its dry spells−and for supporting F/G online through social media. It has been a labor of love, and one that I have increasingly needed to find time to work on as my graphic design career is beginning to get busier. I am not sure what the next year holds for F/G, but I can tell you that as I have time I will continue to curate and scour the internet for artists that inspire me and I share them here with you.

Last May, I watched a documentary called Just Like Being There that inspired me to have a voice in the world of art. Filter/Gauge started basically with a review that I wrote basically in response to seeing that film. A conversation with my friend Jeff Hoffman led to a basic plan to begin a blog. We talked via email for about a month before Filter/Gauge, a blog focused on theme-based, curational posts. Since then, I have focused on the blog in the midst of my design work. I have tried to focus on fine art (though this next year might include some more graphic design and illustration) and have really broadened my interests as a consumer of art. I hope that you as readers have had your art worlds expanded and it has been very much the same for me. I have seen so many inspiring, creative, and imaginative artists over this last year that I will continue going back to for inspiration.

I really hope that this is just the first of many years to come for Filter/Gauge, and I hope that all of you come along on the journey with me, and watch F/G evolve and grow. This week I will feature F/G’s best posts of the last year and feature artists whose work has really stood out for me this year.

Thanks again for stopping by on Mondays (and other days of the week) to check out new content and for your kind words of encouragement.



Below are the cover images for every post since F/G started last year. Look out this week for a horizontal downloadable version for your desktop! Above, the cover image is from a notebook I made when I first came to MECA. I chose the words Filter and Gauge from some stamps that were available, and hand-stitched the binding myself, as well as created the rest of the cover and waxed it to preserve it. I did not realize how profoundly those words would affect my art practice, and I certainly did not realize that within a few years I would have a website titled after it.



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