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Looking back: Michael Cina


Looking back is a new feature for Filter/Gauge that kicks off this week. As I celebrate the anniversary of the blog, I want to celebrate the artists that have inspired me most to create the site in the first place. The second artist featured in the new series is painter Michael Cina.

Cina paints some of the most expressive paintings I have ever seen; filled with color and motion, his paintings are emotion on canvas. Quite simply, I am obsessed with his artwork and the fact that he can produce such wonderful art and do the level of design that he does with Cina Associates is incredibly inspiring to me as I am both a graphic designer and have a strong interest in fine art. Cina’s paintings grace the covers of many albums from Ghostly International and his design work can be seen from companies like Disney to Pepsi. You can find Cina featured here at Filter/Gauge. Check out his portfolio here.



Water From Above And Below

Water From Above and Below

Within or Behind or Beyond or Above

Within or Behind or Beyond Or Above

Reduced City to a Pile of Rubble

Reduced City To A Pile of Rubble

Stand In the Shade of Me

Stand In the Shade of Me

In Spain

In Spain



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