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Looking Forward: Conrad Godly


Looking forward is a new feature here at Filter/Gauge highlighting artists that you can expect to see within the next year of the blog. I am starting it this week to celebrate the anniversary of the blog and to show you a glimpse of what is to come. The second artist that we are looking forward to here at F/G is Conrad Godly.

Godly is a Swiss painter-turned-photographer-turned-painter-again with an incredible portfolio landscapes unlike any I have seen before. Oils blended with turpentine create a thick mixture called impasto that allow Godly to layer up paints and create paintings that are part three-dimensional, almost like a bas-relief, but built up instead of sculpted down. The Swiss painter’s art is mesmerizing, and his paintings are both large format and small. He truly is a unique painter and with the eye of photographer; expect to see him in the future here on Filter/Gauge.

C.J.GODLY-SOL_H-201235x25cm-771x1024 SOL-13201335x28cmbPrivatsammlung-497x640 SOL-15201367x50cmbPrivatsammlung-475x640 SOL-43201385x70cmbPrivatsammlung-524x640 SOL-412013110x140cmbPrivatsammlung-640x548


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