Filter/Gauge is a blog about cataloging inspiration through critical writing, curation, and showcasing. The focus of the blog is for artists to have a platform to speak about the art world through our separate perspectives and to curate a collection for the world to take in and enjoy. We hope to have many contributors to add to our own perspectives—or filters—of the world and increase and add to the discussion of the artist experience, namely; what it means to be an artist, what we do as artists, what helps us be creative, how do we gauge our impact on viewers, etc. The long-term goal of Filter/Gauge is to create a community of artists and people interested in art; a place to engage in the discussion, creation, and mutual experience of art and creativity. At the moment there is more of a focus on curation as a community of followers is being built, but as the blog grows in followers, hopefully we can work on the long-term goals soon.

About the name

Filter: as artists and creatives we all have different perspectives on the world. What we make ultimately comes about through those perspectives or filters. A filter is a context, an experience, an event, a meaning. Think of how a filter on a photo can change it from warm to cold, blurry to clear, retro colored to black and white.

Gauge: This is essentially what the blog is. A platform for us to gauge and react to the world around us.

As curators we must be conscious of what artwork means to many different people, and as bloggers we should be aware that in the end, as we engage our audience, our dialogues about many topics are subject to our own personal filters.


One thought on “About

  1. A friend showed me your blog.
    Good working.

    My comment: Art and Love are the most powerful frequencies parallel to nature.
    Painting might be an impulsive to share the colours in God´s kitchen.

    Thanks and make 2014 shine bright like diamants.
    Theo Altenberg

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